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Start informing your suppoters about Cangive today! We recommend that you promote the Cangive.ca program on a regular basis and ask your supporters to inform their family, friends and collegues. Perhaps the most effect way to remind your supporters about Cangive.ca is to include information about our site in your newsletters and emails. For your convenience, we have provided content about Cangive.ca below that you can cut and paste directly into your newsletters. You may wish to use our suggested content, create your own, or perhaps a little of both.

Simply highlight the text that you would like to use, copy and paste it into your document.

Web address: www.cangive.ca

Cangive.ca Description for use in your correspondence:

"(Name of your organization) would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a unique shopping portal. In addition to helping shoppers locate popular merchants, Cangive.ca is designed to raise funds for Canadian Registered Charities. Cangive.ca's online technology enables shoppers to support their favourite cause simply by shopping on-line.

Each time shoppers go to www.cangive.ca and make a purchase from more than 175 leading online stores, including Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Walmart and the Dell.ca, up to 10% of the sale will support (Name of your organization). Items purchased through Cangive.ca are the same price as if they were purchased directly from the merchant's on-line store. Please visit Cangive.ca today for details and forward this email to your family, friends and colleagues. Together we can make a difference!"

Seasonal Reminder
Please fell free to copy and paste, the content below, directly into your supporter correspondance.

"With (place seasonal event name here) around the corner, we would like to remind you about the Cangive.ca program. You can support (Name of your organization) simply by shopping on-line. Cangive.ca has several gift ideas from over 175 leading on-line merchants. To learn more, please visit www.cangive.ca today.

Thank you for your continued support."

Cangive Logos
We recommend that you place one of our logo links on your web site's splash page as this will give your supports an easy method to link to Cangive.ca. In addition, by placing a Cangive.ca Logo on the first page of your web site, you will avoid additional telephone calls and emails as supporters will quickly confirm your participation in the Cangive.ca program should they have any doubts. You can also use our logo into your electronic newsletters.

Cangive links:

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Please feel free to

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