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The predicted elevation for Internet use and e-commerce sales in Canada can provide your organization with a significant increase in revenue and awareness potential. Participating in the Cangive.ca program will offer your organization several key advantages, which include:

  • Gaining a new source of recurring revenue that requires no financial commitment and nominal human resources from your organization.

  • Increasing recognition for your organization. In addition to assisting with raising funds, Cangive.ca also recognizes the importance of raising awareness for your organization and we are currently implementing features that assist in this area.

  • Automatic recording and quarterly reporting of all purchases made by your supporters, ensuring that your organization receives the revenue raised on your behalf.

  • Receiving focused services as Cangive.ca specializes in online fundraising for Canadian causes only. Cangive.ca is a Canadian business and not a subsidiary of an American based business.

  • Cangive.ca is continuously monitoring the industry for exciting new trends in online fundraising solutions to provide your organization and it's supporters with cutting edge technology and superior service.

The Cangive.ca program is an excellent complement to any fundraising campaign. Cangive.ca uses technology that taps into a growing industry, allowing supporters, from around the world, to shop and support your cause. Join today and experience the exceptional fundraising services that Cangive.ca can offer.


It is estimated

that 18 million

Canadians will be

Internet users

in 2004.

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