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New! You have two shopping options when linking to merchants through Cangive:

•Default Setting (Opens a merchant into the Cangive frameset)
When you click on a merchant link, the merchant's web site currently open into the Cangive frameset by default. The Cangive frameset has the Cangive banner across the top of the page and the merchant site below the Cangive banner. The Cangive frameset setting offers navigational advantages as there are links, to merchants and shopping categories, on the frameset page. Using the frameset may also avoid complication with anti-popup software. To continue using the default frameset setting, simply return to the Cangive home page and begin shopping by clicking on a merchant link.

•New Window Shopping Option (Opens a merchant into a new browser window)
In addition to the Cangive frameset, we now offer the option to open each merchant into a different browser window. This option enables you to open more than one merchant site at a time with the Cangive Shopping Network remaining open in the background. To return to the Cangive web site, simply close all the merchants you have opened or click on the Cangive page button at the bottom of your browser window. This "new window" option is ideal for shoppers who wish to do direct comparative shopping or for those who do not have a browser which supports framesets. To activate the option to open merchants into a new window, please return to the Cangive home page and make your selection in the "Shopping Option" section, which is located towards the bottom right corner of the page. Once you have made this selection, clicking on a merchant link will open that merchant into a new window. If at any time you would like to return to using the Cangive frameset, please make your new selection in the "Shopping Option" area once again.

Each of the above shopping option offers secure shopping.

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