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Trouble Shooting

If you are experiencing difficulties viewing all or some of the merchant image or text links, ad blocking software may be the source of the problem. Some merchant links may be recognized as ads by some ad blocking software such as Ad Blocker or Pop-Up Blocker.

If you have ad blocking software installed on your computer, you may need to edit the settings of your ad blocker software. Please see the help section of your ad blocker software for instructions on changing your settings and ensure clickserve and bfast domains are not blocked. If you require further assistance, please
e-mail us at help1@cangive.ca.

If you are unable to view an image and text link for Canadian Tire below, your ad blocking settings may need to be changed.

Test Image Links:
You should be able to view the Canadian Tire logo below the words "START IMAGE LINK TEST" and above the word "END IMAGE LINK TEST" below:



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